Round 2 - Croft (5 hrs)

Croft played host to round two of the Fun Cup championship this weekend with a twenty three car grid, for a five hour race, in cold, wet, miserable conditions.

It was 2011 Champions, Neil Plimmer and Geoff Fawcett, from the TDI Team Honeywell, who stole the show to be crowned with their first victory of the year.

The random grid ballot saw them placed 4th on the grid, with the experienced Plimmer taking the start and ensuring a strong, trouble free first stint. He moved up into a comfortable 2nd place, to hand over to Fawcett. However, drama struck and there was great confusion in the pit lane, when Fawcett made an unplanned pit stop because the team was told by a marshal that Geoff's belts were twisted and he needed to pit to correct the issue. Before the team had chance to discuss the matter, a member of the pit crew had signalled him in to check his belts were correctly fastened and he then rejoined the track.

This could have been a catastrophic disaster for the Fun Cup duo. But, Fawcett remained unfazed and rejoined the track in 2nd, to overtake ex G55 racer, Joachim Ritter, in the 101 Racelogic petrol sequential car and moved into the lead.

From this point, they held a firm gap back to 2nd and at one stage it was much as a staggering eighty eight seconds. The only threat occurred after a safety car was deployed, which reduced the lead to fifteen seconds: the tension mounted, as Racelogic's Greensall was on a serious mission, reducing the gap back to a minuscule four seconds, after nearly five hours of racing.

But, with one lap to go, Greensall was visciously chasing them down by over two seconds a lap and uncharacteristically clipped the tyre barrier at the complex, which bent the steering and launched him into the tyre wall opposite. It was a hard hit. He reversed out and suffered serious damage to the bonnet, steering rack, hub, wishbone, ball joint, front suspension, door, right rear wing and the sill. He could only hope that the car would last long enough for him to limp home for the final lap.

The pit wall crew was incredibly tense, as they watched him painfully limp home to finish 2nd overall and 1st in the petrol class. The petrol team showed that the sequential box is a forceful addition to the cars, beating all of the other TDIs, apart from the Honeywell boys, who took the top spot.

Neil Plimmer, said: "Once again, this race was proof that a Fun Cup race is not over until the chequered flag is waved. It always comes down to the wire."

The final podium spot was filled by the TDI car 209, Eco Racing. The line-up consisted of the trio Jason Simon, Paul Abraham and ex Formula Ford racer, Pat Blakeney, in what was his first Fun Cup race. It didn't come easily to the team, who suffered a few on track set backs, including an exhaust falling off, but they managed to overcome their problems and prove their worth, with a strong p3 finish overall and a 2nd in class.

The 3rd placed TDI was JPR 146, of Tim Wheeldon, Ally McKever and Steve Harris. They finished 5th overall after losing a few splitters, but mainting 3rd in class for the majority of the race.

Bram de Groot and Steve Johansen, finished 2nd in the petrol class and 4th overall, in 263 Scarab/Indigo Racing car. Their strong finish has now promoted them to the lead of the petrol championship.

Stephen Johanson started the race from the random grid draw position of 12th place and climbed the order to pit in 2nd position in class, by the first pit stop.

Great progress was made throughout the race, until Johansen's third stint, when he was hit hard from behind coming into the Complex, which lifted the rear of the car. It was not too badly damaged and Johansen continued the stint to hand over to de Groot.

De Groot's stints were problem free and they brought the car home safely to take their podium finish.

JPR/Ecurie Escargot, car 88, finished 3rd in the petrol class and 6th overall. The team consisted of experienced Fun cup racers, Will Pembroke, John Bullough and James Somerton.


Round 2 - Croft (5 hrs) PETROL RACE RESULTS

  • Position Car No Team Points Scored
  • 1 1   Team Racelogic   61
  • 2 263   Addison Racing   55
  • 3 88   TBA   50
  • 4 214   Team Tiger   48
  • 5 158   For Sale   46
  • 6 207   UK Vehicle Data   44
  • 7 262   Track Focused   42
  • 8 107   JPR   40
  • 9 257   Jolly Roger White   38
  • 10 200   Apollo Motorsport   36
  • 11 110   Viking Self-Storage   34
  • 12 186   For Sale   32
  • 13 99   JPR - For Hire   30
  • 14 104   XCat 104   28

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Round 2 - Croft (5 hrs) DIESEL RACE RESULTS

  • Position Car No Team Points Scored
  • 1 147   TBA   60
  • 2 209   Eco Racing   55
  • 3 146   Over 50 Motorsports   50
  • 4 106   TBA   48
  • 5 252   JPR   47

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Round 2 - Croft (5 hrs) Photo Gallery

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